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West Ham is a district in London Borough of Newham in London, it is mostly an industrial area with the London Olympic Park in its center, there are also several residential areas where post-industrial warehouses and buildings got redeveloped as exclusive lofts for people to live in. Old residential architecture include Victorian terraced housing, awkwardly standing vis’a’vis post-war high density blocks, built en-mass because people needed housing so much, even though it looks so bad. The main industries and firms in West Ham were Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company, one of the most prominent shipyards in England back in the day, its symbols were Irons and Hammers, from which West Ham united Football Club has taken their nicknames. It is the same club that was portrayed in the “Hooligans” movie, starring Elijah Wood, the little bitch that will always look like crying Frodo, that is the deal when you play a shitty little furry-feet fuck, your career is forever linked to that one role that made you look like a cocksucker.

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