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Hello and welcome to London Escorts page, we supply wealthy people with hired company during their stay in London, our employees are world class beauties, all our clients can vouch for quality of our services. Do you think you got what it takes to become one of our prestigious employees? We are constantly looking for young women, that have an open mind and lots of free time, also a few tricks in bed up their sleeves would not hurt.

We are looking for a peculiar type of girl, we need you to be very fit, conscious of your body so you keep it healthy and look good when you are both naked, and wearing a classy black dress. You need to have good taste in clothes, the clients that employ our services are a picky kind, they will need you to look your best when they take you out on various occasions, for instance business meetings or dinners in exclusive restaurants, you need to know how to represent our client with both your behavior, apparel and your stunning looks. Our customer also include celebrities and rock stars, that means you need to be discreet and professional about what you do, what you see at those parties is just between you and the client, remember you need to look great even when you exit their hotel room during morning hours after an all night party.

Our escorts in London can definitely count on our support, during their working hours and afterwards, as your employer we will provide you with an above average payment, you will be able to easily afford a very comfortable living, working just a few nights a week. You will be able to afford your own apartment, drive a car or even continue or start college if you feel so inclined. You will get a paid gym membership, spray tan and all the other commodities that you feel you need to have to look and feel your best. We care about our girls as much as we care about our clients, you can be sure we will keep you safe and sound, during your working time and beyond it. If you think you got what it takes to be an escort in London, give us a call and we will arrange an interview meeting.

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